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Region Rank 17
World Rank 72
World of Warcraft

Mistress Sassz'ine Dead

Veyloris posted Jul 17, 17

US 20th. Sponsors when?

Gul'dan is dead, US 16th.

Etraeus & Elisande

Iax GM posted Mar 3, 17

Star Augur Etraeus and Grand Magistrix Elisande are dead. One more to go.

Mythic Grand Magistrix Elisande

Nighthold so far

Iax GM posted Feb 9, 17

Nighthold has been dying. Here are some screenshots.

Mythic Tichondrius

Mythic High Botanist Tel'arn

Trial of Valor

Iax GM posted Dec 22, 16

476 pulls later and Helya is finally dead.

Mythic Helya

We also killed Guarm a while ago.

Mythic Guarm

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