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Hellfire Citadel has arrived and the first three mythic bosses are down.

Mythic Kormrok

Hrothgarz I thought we killed Kromog in BRF le xd


Iax GM posted Apr 12, 15

After a long tier Blackhand is finally dead.

Mythic Blackhand

The Blast Furnace

Iax GM posted Mar 24, 15

This horrible boss is dead and only Blackhand remains.

The Blast Furnace

Mythic Iron Maidens

Iax GM posted Mar 14, 15

Another boss down.

Mythic Iron Maidens

Darkies omg that darkieZ so kawaiiiiiiiii

Mythic Operator Thogar

Iax GM posted Mar 3, 15

Three more to go.

Mythic Operator Thogar

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