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Big Dumb Hordes

Veyloris O posted Sep 29, 17

You're not a bandwagoner if you're the biggest kid at your middle school (that's me, btw, i could beat you up lol)

Mythic Tomb Clear

Grimes GM posted Sep 14, 17

Mythic Kil'jaeden

Mistress Sassz'ine Dead

Veyloris O posted Jul 17, 17

US 20th. Sponsors when?

We Have Slain the Gul'dan

Veyloris O posted Mar 30, 17

Gul'dan is dead, US 16th.

Etraeus & Elisande

Grimes GM posted Mar 3, 17

Star Augur Etraeus and Grand Magistrix Elisande are dead. One more to go.

Mythic Grand Magistrix Elisande

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