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World of Warcraft

Xhul'horac & Tyrant Velhari

Iax GM posted Aug 25, 15

Velhari down.

Mythic Tyrant Velhari

Xhul'horac died a couple weeks ago.

Mythic Xhul'horac

Fel Lord Zakuun

Iax GM posted Jul 30, 15

Zakuun Dead.

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun

Iskar and Socrethar Down

Melchey posted Jul 25, 15


Mythic Gorefiend

Iax GM posted Jul 22, 15

Gorefiend is dead.

Mythic Gorefiend

We also killed Kilrogg a while ago.

Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye

Hellfire High Council

Iax GM posted Jul 7, 15

Another down with a quick kill on Council

Mythic Hellfire High Council

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